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Which dog to choose in an apartment?


Not all dogs are suitable for apartment living. Breeds accustomed to the great outdoors and immense spaces will have difficulty evolving in such a confined environment. Consequence: cohabitation becomes chaotic. To avoid animal discomfort and have a nightmare at home, consider choosing your breed wisely.

The first rule to know: size doesn’t matter. It is possible to live with a Sharpie getting used to any way of life or with a Leon Berger who is relatively passive by nature.


This is a crucial point to consider. Another thing: sledge dogs and hunting dogs are naturally not made to be locked up all day long in an apartment. It is therefore vital to determine the origins, character and behavior of your future dog. Orient yourself, for example, towards the Whippet, the Bichon, the Boxer or the Welsh Corgi to guarantee a harmonious cohabitation.

In any case, the sine qua non is to be able to take the animal out regularly. Regardless of his size, he needs to exercise outdoors and maintain specific sociability.

Selection criteria which also depend on the master

Your presence will determine the type of dog to choose. Some breeds do not tolerate loneliness very well, like the Doberman. However, suppose you have to be away for too long regularly. In that case, your dog may develop destructive behavior and make a noise by constantly barking in your apartment, becoming a problem for the neighborhood.

Your lifestyle is also a key criterion. If you are home-like and calm, a Chihuahua might be suitable. On the other hand, if you are athletic, living with a Jack Russell will be pure happiness. As a family, it is preferable to move towards tolerant races with children.

Breeds adapted for living in an apartment.

To be sure to adopt the right dog, bet directly on the pleasure and companion breeds that adapt perfectly to living in an apartment. In the first list is the French Bulldog. This fat grandpa doesn’t need intense physical exercise to be happy and healthy. And since it’s small in size, it won’t take up too much space.

The Poodle also turns out to be an excellent choice. Belonging to one of France’s most popular breeds, he pleases for his pleasant face, tranquility, and gentleness. The only fault that we can blame him is sometimes barking excessively. 


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