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The cat is the favourite pet of everyone. These felines have adapted perfectly to domestication, but without forgetting their wild instinct. When winter arrives, a lot of us no longer want to let our cats go out late at night or a lot worry about not seeing them come home at night.

So what does our cat do outside at night? Where is he going? Does he sleep or is he hunting? Scientists have studied these questions at length and using mini GPS cat collars have been able to answer them.

The cat watches its territory

We all know now, cats are very territorial animals and when they have the possibility of going outside, their territory expands which can exceed several tens of kilometres. The size of your cat’s territory depends on many factors: competition, whether or not it has been sterilized, its character, sex … At night or even during the day, your cat roams its territory and marks it by depositing pheromones or well by scratching certain objects in its path (fence, tree …).

If another feline, not authorized to enter its territory, crosses its path, this can sometimes give rise to quite noisy quarrels.

It expands its territory

It’s not all about watching its territory, but the cat also likes to explore and does not hesitate to go beyond the borders of its space to expand its territory. The night is a great time to explore. The dangers are fewer, the competition often less fierce, especially since our friends can see perfectly in the dark.

During the day, your cat can also take the opportunity to visit his “secondary home”. And yes, it is not uncommon for your cat to “cheat” on you with a neighbour a few kilometres away. Although you remain the main household, nothing prevents it from going to seek some caresses and delicacies elsewhere, cats are great charmers don’t forget that ^^

The cat hunts at night

The cat is a hunter. This practice is instinctive and whether you are in a house or an apartment, your feline will always have the need and the desire to hunt. The cat has very good night vision and at night a lot of preys come out of their hiding places, so this is the perfect time to let their natural instincts run wild.

The domesticated cats generally will not hunt because they are hungry, they are driven by their instincts. Besides, don’t be surprised to discover a little surprise on your doorstep in the morning.

He seeks to mate

This argument is all the more true for unsterilized cats. In times of heat, females tend to go out more to try and find a male. Cats themselves, will be naturally attracted by the calls of the female and by the pheromones released.

However, consider sterilizing the cat to avoid ending up with an unwanted litter of kittens and to protect your animal a little more.


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