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What Animals Eat Mouse? Mouse Predators


The mouse is one of the most trouble-making creatures. It turns everything upside down. Mice are minor rodents but bear serious consequences. They spoil food, transform various maladies, and damage physical structures. Even the worst activity of mice includes vanishing the peace of your house. Mice can ruin your sleep with their nighttime activities and the disgusting smell of droppings. Like other creatures, mice have many natural predators. The main slayer of mice is a human being. Human beings do not want mice to ruin their household objects. Hence they want to get rid of them. In addition to human beings, there are a variety of animals that kill mice. These include domestic cats, dogs, eagles, snakes and raccoons, and so on.

Human beings

The chief predator for mice is a human being. Mice create a lot of mess in houses and gardens. They break precious objects, eat food items, and spread nasty smells. Moreover, mice disturb the smooth working of your home. Therefore, human beings do not tolerate these unwelcome guests. They adopt many methods to get rid of mice. Thus, the biggest enemy of mice is a human being. 


Another major killer of mice is the domestic cat. Mice fear cats the most. Cat harrows mice and kills them to cater to its food needs. Whenever a cat feels the smell of mice, it approaches there and starts searching for mice to kill them. Mice also run away quietly in the presence of cats. You use cats to kill mice and chase them away.


The dog is another capable predator against mice. People train dogs to slay mice. Many dogs kill mice to cater to their food requirements. A dog can satisfy its hunger on a couple of mice. Hence, people keep dogs to stop mice from coming to their homes. Dogs can also kill mice outside the house. Wild dogs often chase mice up to the den and kill them whenever they get a chance.


The flying enemy of the mouse is the eagle. Eagles take long flights in search of prey. They capture pigeons, sparrows, and various other birds. On-ground eagles hunt mice, hare, and opossums. Thus, an eagle is also one of the significant slayers of mice. Eagles have sharp claws and long beck. They can tear mice into pieces and eat their flesh. A single mouse can satisfy one time need of an eagle.


Furthermore, the snake is also a significant predator of a mouse. It has venous fangs that outrightly kill mice. Snakes may enter holes of mice and eat all its young ones. They can kill adult mice as well as their offspring. Thus, the serpent is one of the most dangerous predators of mice.

To conclude, mice are one of the trouble-monger creatures. They may harm your house in many ways. A mouse can infect human beings. It ruins food and physical structures. The most significant predators of mice include human beings, cats, snakes, and eagles.  Mice are not easy to capture prey. They run into their dens during the daytime. At night mice surface up in search of food. 

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