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Three breeds of long-haired cats



It’s hard not to fall in love with the beautiful long and silky coat of our feline friends. The Persian, the Maine coon and the British longhair are among the most appreciated long-haired cat breeds. They are a symbol of elegance and refinement.


Persian cat

The Persian
The Persian cat’s regal appearance is a source of wonder for all cat lovers. The Persian is indeed one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. With a short body type, it has a medium to the large body with an imposing musculature, but without being fat. It has a massive and round head and a short and massive neck also. The Persian has a soft expression and a bit atypical with this flat nose with a deep stop. It has large round eyes whose intense colour harmonizes with the coat. As such, this breed has a uniform, abundant and long coat.
On average, the fur should be 10 cm long, a requirement of the standard. On the collar, they can sometimes reach 20 cm. The standard recognizes all coats and colours. Other information to know about this breed: its varieties are particularly numerous. There would be nearly 150 of them.

Maine coon cat

The Maine Coon
There is a comic legend about the Maine Coon. It is said that this cat is a hybrid between a raccoon and a cat. Given the imposing size of this cat, one would be tempted to believe this far-fetched story. Like the Savannah, it is indeed one of the giant cat breeds in the world. It is also a natural breed that originated in the northern United States. The Maine Coon has a rectangular and very long body with an imposing musculature and a pronounced chest. It has a medium-sized head with prominent cheekbones topped by large ears set straight on the head.
The Maine Coon has large oval eyes and a square, pronounced nose. And what about his coat: it is medium long and is denser at the breeches and the ruff level. The fur is soft and pleasant to the touch. All coat colours are allowed by the standard except lilac, chocolate, fawn or cinnamon.

British Longhair cat

The British Longhair
The British Longhair will win over those who dream of an extensive and round cat. This British breed is a cross between the Persian and the British Shorthair. Its elegance and its curves remember it. It has a well-muscled body, topped by a round and massive head completed by prominent cheeks. Its large blue or green eyes and its small ears are as many characteristics appropriate to him. The coat is dense, long and soft. The standard admits all the colors of the dress.


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