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How to remove the smell of cat pee?


Cats touch more than one with their soft coat, their eyes flooded with affection and their purring which would even have therapeutic virtues. Except that sometimes these cats do what they want and urinate just where they want to. Whether the animal behaves like this to mark its territories or because of a health problem, the consequences are always disastrous. Because while easily permeating surfaces and ambient air, the odor is especially stubborn. No need to lose patience with your furball, try the tips below instead.

Lighten the ambient air

By permeating surfaces such as the bed, sofa, rug, or furniture legs, the smell of cat urine also invades the quality of the ambient air. To achieve this, sprinkling deodorant has only a temporary effect: it is better to invest in a product with continuous diffusion, in the form of a gel to discover or a wick. To be perfectly sure of what you are breathing, why not make your DIY diffuser? Collect an empty bottle of commercial wick deodorant, which you will rinse several times with clean water. Place the cleaned bottle in the open air and in the sun to release the wick. Prepare your personal deodorant refill by mixing alcohol – from those that are drunk, or a little ethanol – with hot water with a little essential oil. The correct proportion is 60 ml of each liquid for about 25 drops of gasoline. Against the smell of cat pee, choose cedar, mint, thyme, lemongrass, or lemon. Pour into the recovery wick bottle and operate as for the original device. You can also replace the water with vegetable oil, or place the preparation in a ceramic or glass container, in which you plant reed diffusers.

Clean a cloth soiled by cat pee

If the cat has soiled a sheet or blanket with urine, the easiest alternative is to wash it immediately. Rinse the fabric first with clean water. Then soak it in a hand wash detergent before scrubbing and rinsing. If you notice the damage late in the day and the animal’s urine has had time to dry, the smell will be harder to get away. First soak the laundry in clean water for a while, then replace this with water with the addition of white vinegar. Leave on before continuing with normal washing. It is also possible to use white vinegar diluted with a little sparkling water, to be poured directly on the dry stained part. Leave to act for a while before washing your laundry as usual.

Get the smell of cat pee off the floor

The floor and even the bottom of the wall are also the expense of cats who seek to mark their territory  In that case, you have a lot of options for getting rid of the smell of their urine. Remember that you should always clean immediately after the cat has soiled the surface. On the one hand, this prevents the odor from becoming encrusted and on the other hand, you discourage the animal from re-offending in the same place. White vinegar and baking soda used together or separately, are good alternatives to chemical cleaners. Spray the mixture on the surface to be treated and leave to act for a few minutes before rubbing.

Baking alone also works well if it’s rugs, carpeting, or furniture upholstery. Sprinkle the stain with the product and work it in by hand. After an exposure time of 3 hours, vacuum and you will notice the difference. On a tile, try the mixture of washing up liquid, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. Dilute everything in lukewarm water and add an aroma of your choice. If the urine has had time to dry, spray directly on the stain and allow about ten minutes before rinsing off with water. Otherwise, use the mixture to scrub the tiles right after blotting up the animal’s urine. Lemon and essential oil of eucalyptus or niaouli are also effective in sanitizing and refreshing soil soiled by cat pee.

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