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How to protect your dog from the heat?


Check for signs of heatstroke first

Pay close attention to your animal’s behavior. A very strong heat causes a change of attitude. His breathing becomes irregular and rapid and he gasps loudly. His tongue and his lips turn blue, his nose is hot. He is shaking, salivating profusely, and may vomit. His heart rate increases and he loses consciousness.

Factors favoring heat stroke

If your dog is in one of these situations, the high heat will have a much more impact on him: he is not used to the hot climate, he is overweight, he has just had intense physical activity, he is taking medication, he has been in the sun too long, he has been locked in an unventilated space. The dogs are also bothered by a heat that has settled for several consecutive days. You can now help your dog deal with the intense heat.

Some water

Make sure her water bowl is filled with fresh water. It must be changed from time to time. Be careful, however, not to fill it with ice water. The most adequate solution is to use a water cooler which allows him to always have fresh water at his fingertips.


Set up a small place for it in a cool, well-ventilated room out of the sun. Allow him free access to all the rooms in the house. You can also set up a small nest for it in a shady spot in your garden.

No physical effort

During a heat wave, physical exercises and walks should be done before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. to avoid heatstroke.

Refresh it

To lower her body temperature, apply a wet glove to her coat, especially on her head, neck, under her stomach, and on the inside of her thighs. Dogs also appreciate specially designed water misters and cooling vests. First of all, you must check that the water is not too cold to avoid thermal shock.

By car

As much as possible, avoid driving by car during the hottest hours. If you have to do this, you need to plug in the air conditioner and equip yourself with a sun visor. You should also take regular breaks so that your dog can defecate and drink cool water. And finally, don’t leave your dog alone in the car even with the windows open and the air conditioning on.


If you have decided to take your dog for a walk, choose a time when the sun is not too strong. Remember to bring a bowl of water so that your dog can drink from time to time. Do not let your dog walk on sand or asphalt, as he could burn his pads. Prefer a walk in the forest, under the shade of the foliage.

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