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It is not uncommon, especially during the holidays to come across a lost or abandoned animal. So what to do if you find an abandoned animal in a parking lot or on the roadside?

Even if abandonments are more recorded during the holidays, it is all year round that associations and shelters face the lack of responsibility of families who abandon their animal. So how do you react to a lost or abandoned animal? Which address?

I’m giving you some guidelines to help you take the right steps to save this furry new friend.

Verification of the animal found

First of all, if you come across an animal alone, don’t jump to conclusions. Analyze the situation to see if the animal seems lost or abandoned and if its owner is not around. The dog may as well be taking a quiet walk in his neighbourhood before returning home.

Try to approach the animal calmly and gain its trust without risking being bitten or scratched. If you are unable to approach the animal or if it is injured, contact the municipality that will take care of it.

Identify the animal

If the animal is friendly and can be approached without problem, try to see if it has a collar and a tag with the contact details of its owner . If this is the case, then you can call him directly to let him know where his companion is.

If the animal does not have a tag, you can take it to the nearest veterinarian to perform identity verification using the tattoo or microchip. Once identified, you can then contact the owner and schedule the meeting place for him to pick up his animal.

In the event that the animal cannot be identified, it is important to alert the town hall or the municipal police since stray animals are their responsibility  (article L211-21 of the rural code) .

Other solutions are also available to you:

Using lost animal services

Social networks are a great way to share and deliver ads these days, so feel free to use them.

Go door to door

If you have found the animal in a rather urban area, do not hesitate to go door to door in order to question the neighbourhood and the businesses about the animal found. Chances are, someone will recognize the pet and give you the information you need to find the owner.

Who to entrust the animal to?

Despite your best efforts, the owner of the animal remains unknown , so what to do?

You should know that in France it is not allowed to keep a found animal at home. It would be a shame if you were accused of theft when it was a good feeling to pick up the animal in your home. As said above, the municipality must take care of the animal that it will place at the pound (and not at the SPA). They will then take care of investigating to find the owner of the animal and bring in a veterinarian if necessary. A period of 8 days is then triggered. After this period, the pound returns the animal to a refuge that will offer it for adoption.

If you fell in love with the animal and want to adopt it, you will need to apply to the town hall or wait for it to be entrusted to an association to start the process. adoptions .

Do not hesitate to share your experiences in comments or to ask your questions 🙂

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