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Many owners don’t necessarily think about deworming a dog. However, worms in dogs can cause a series of complications (illness, diarrhea, weight loss, etc.). It is therefore essential to be well informed about dewormer for dogs. Here is the essential information to know to avoid worms in dogs.

The benefit of deworming for dogs

Like fleas or ticks, worms in dogs can cause a number of problems . Indeed, all the parasites of the dog can be carriers of more or less serious diseases, and in particular of blood diseases.

Apart from the discomfort generated by the presence of worms in your dog, they can cause even more canine diseases as well as a weakened immune system. Therefore , it is essential to think about deworming your dog , just as you think about applying anti-flea.

At what age should you start deworming in dogs?

Some dog owners mistakenly believe that only adult dogs are affected by worms. It’s quite the opposite ! Puppies are even more susceptible to dog worms because their immune systems are not yet fully formed.

It is therefore essential to talk to your veterinarian about deworming for dogs at your first consultation.

Typically, a puppy’s dewormer will be given twice a month for the first two months, then monthly for up to 6 months . Once your puppy has reached adulthood, it will need to be dewormed twice a year.

When should you deworm your dog?

You don’t know when to deworm a dog ? Know that it is very simple: it will be necessary to make the deworming treatments coincide with the periods during which the worms are most likely to appear.

There are two periods when it is essential to deworm your dog:


Autumn coincides with the appearance of fleas. And since a problem never comes on its own, you should know that fleas can trigger the appearance of worms in dogs , because they sometimes carry tapeworm eggs, which are the cause of the appearance of worms.


Spring is an even more delicate period, because the larvae of worms are found in large numbers in the wild . We will find them in particular in the sludge or excrement.

The result: it only takes a walk with your dog near damp soil for him to come into contact with these parasites. Hence the importance of properly deworming your dog during this period.

How to deworm a dog?

Have you never applied dog dewormer before? Rest assured, it’s a very easy canine treatment!

There are indeed many types of deworming for dogs : to drink, to inject or to swallow. You will choose the care that is best for your dog, and you will arrange for him to swallow the product correctly.

When administering a dog dewormer, take the time to read the package leaflet. Each product has its specificities.

If in doubt or if you are unable to deworm your dog, call your veterinarian.

As you will have understood, it is essential to learn well about the best ways to deworm your dog

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