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All cats scratch, this is a way for them to mark their territory. Unfortunately, this marking is visible and sometimes harmful to your furniture and your interior in general. So how do you save your beautiful sofa or your new upholstery from the clutches of the cat?


Today there are many solutions and tips to divert your cat from your furniture and keep an interior in good condition.

Why is my cat scratching?

First of all, it is always interesting to understand why your cat is scratching. The cat is a territorial animal that constantly needs to mark its territory in order to signal its presence to other animals. Even if he is the only animal in the house, his instinct is preserved and dictates some of his primitive behaviours.

Clawing is a way for the cat to mark its territory but also to delimit it. Clawing also has a maintenance role. He can thus sharpen them and stretch all his muscles.

How can I prevent my cat from scratching my furniture?

As we have just seen, it will be difficult to go against your cat’s natural instinct. You will not be able to prevent it from scratching, but it is possible to limit the damage to your furniture. For this, it is sometimes enough to do simple things: protect your furniture, divert its attention or prohibit it from the room (in case of great necessity).

Protect your furniture from the claws of the cat

To protect your sofa from the claws of the cat or your curtains, upholstery, table legs … there are a few tips. The first is to cover the fragile areas or areas that your cat likes with materials that will bring unpleasant sensations for the cat’s paws: aluminium, adhesive, cellophane, bubble wrap, oilcloth, survival blanket … Once your cat has banished these places for the maintenance of its claws, you can remove the protection (s).

The other method that can be combined with the first is to use a natural repellant. Vinegar is a good repellant, but it is true that the smell is not always very pleasant for us. You can find natural essential oil repellents that are very effective and much more pleasant to smell. Some people talk about lemon, I have never tested this method so I do not really know its effectiveness.

The last solution is to simply protect your furniture with fabric. This solution is more suitable for sofas, armchairs or chairs, on which you can easily put a plaid or a pretty blanket. In addition, it facilitates cleaning, for possible stains or for cat hair. Choose very cosy plaids that felines love, those from But for example.


Divert your cat’s attention to protect your furniture

If your kitten finds another source, more pleasant or even more suitable for his claws than your furniture, he will automatically stop abusing them.


It is impossible to prevent your pet from scratching, so you have to offer him another way to do them. For this, there are a large number of scrapers that must be placed in strategic areas of your home: in places near his sleeping area, at the level of passageways so that he can leave his marks there and announce its presence to its congeners. You can also place the scratching post near the furniture it is used to scratching.

The scratching posts for cats come in many forms, no doubt that you will find on the market one that will match your cat and your home. Do not hesitate to offer him several to place in different places in the house.

If at first, your cat is not interested in his new scraper, do not hesitate to spray it with a little catnip solution or rub rosemary on it, for example.

Monitor your well-being

A stressed cat is more likely to scratch all over the house than a relaxed cat who feels at home. Make sure the animal feels good and at home. If the house already has a lot of pets, the cat may be suffering from a lack of space. It is then necessary to create its own space for it by adding some of its belongings to it so that it finds its own smell.

Using the Feliway, in this case, can also be effective.

The declawing we forget!

Some cat owners sometimes resort to a radical technique to prevent their interior from being damaged by their cat: declawing.

You should know that removing your cat’s claws has been an illegal practice in France for more than 10 years. Cats naturally have claws, five on the front legs, four on the hind legs, and virtually all of them are retractable. Cat claws are very important and useful for cats who use them to hunt, defend themselves, climb trees or strengthen their grip. Removing their claws limit their access in height and force them to live at ground level which goes against their instincts. In addition to breaking their instincts, no need to remember that this operation is painful for the animal. So declawing we forget and we refer to the solutions proposed above!

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