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25 Amazing Things About Animals – Part 2


To end this first week of February, a new small series of 25 “Did you know” anecdotes about our animal friends:

1. The centipede, not at all in 1000 feet, with a maximum 750.

2. The bonobo monkey would be one of the only animals to practice ventro-ventral coitus (face to face) like a man and would thus settle its conflicts.

3. The real name of the insect commonly called “cousin” and looking like a giant mosquito is the crane fly (or tipula)

4. The oldest animal species ever discovered is Arctica islandica. This mollusk lives about 400 years

5. The giraffe’s tongue can reach up to 55cm

6. In cats, only females can have black, white, and red at the same time on their coats.

7. The cattle have rectangular pupils.

8. The flamingos are pink because they eat prawns (yes!)

9. The king cobra is considered the largest poisonous snake globally (the record is 4.80 meters) and can reach an average of 3 to 4 meters.

10. The owl can rotate its head 270 degrees

11. bee flies at a maximum of 24 km / h

12. The blue whale’s penis’s standard size is 2.4 meters (that leaves you dreamy, eh?)

13. The spider wire is five times stronger than steel wire of the same thickness and can stretch up to 4 times its length.

14. The Lizards can self-amputate the tail to protect themselves. It grows back after a few months.

15. The trunk of an elephant weighs more than 100 kg, has on average between 100,000 and 150,000 muscles, and is not bony.

16. Most male birds do not have penises and reproduce by rubbing their cesspools together.

17. The horses sleep standing up. During their sleep, their kneecaps are blocked so that they remain motionless.

18. The gestation period of an elephant lasts 20 to 22 months and is the longest of all land animals.

19. cockroach put in a microwave oven comes out in perfect health 

20. The deadliest venom in the world is said to be that of the sea ​​wasp, a jellyfish. By simple contact.

21. The phone trial nigriventer is a spider whose sting causes an erection. Its venom is more powerful than Viagra

22. The termites build their anthills by mixing their dung with mud.

23. The herring would use farts to communicate with their peers.

24. The seahorse is one of the animal species where the male carries the eggs (from 100 to 200).

25. The song of city birds is different from that of country birds. It would be faster and more jerky.

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