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25 Amazing Things About Animals – Part 1


Our friends, the animals are shocking! Here is a first small series of brief and easy-to-remember anecdotes about them and their specificities! You will not be disappointed!

1. The toxin contained in the bicolored pitohui’s feathers and skin makes it one of the few known poisonous birds.

2. Camels have three eyelids to protect themselves from sandy winds.

3. A pigeon produces about 25 kilograms of droppings per year.

4. Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, a rat pair can have over a million offspring.

5. The “megascale australis,” an Australian earthworm, can be over 3 meters long.

6. 90% of all animal species that have gone extinct to date have been birds.

7. During high temperatures, the hippopotamus secretes a kind of reddish sunscreen to protect it from the sun.

8. Frogs do not drink; they are satisfied with the water contained in their food.

9. The elephant’s height is twice the circumference of its foot or about 1.5 meters.

10. The archerfish can spit up to 50 cm on an insect to make it fall into the water and eat it.11. During severe droughts, kangaroo females automatically become sterile.

12. Not all penguins live in a cold climate: the Cape penguin lives in South Africa.

13. The lifespan of a dragonfly is about five years, but it only lives a few weeks in its adult form.

14. Squirrels cannot get rabies.

15. Contrary to popular belief, “ground squirrels” are small rodents of the squirrel family.

16. The giraffe has as many cervical vertebrae as a human being, i.e., 7.

17. Only male locusts make noise.

18. The tongue of a chameleon, when attacking its prey, averages 20 km / h.

19. The most popular name in the US for a pet is Max.

20. The Colossal Squid has the enormous eyes in the world, 27 cm in diameter.

21. Like the rabbit, the beaver is chemotrophic: which means that it eats its first droppings to complete its digestion (bon appétit!)

22. Mexico’s jumping peas move because of the butterfly larvae they contain.

23. Santa’s reindeer are called Dancer, Dashing, Cupid, Thunder, Tornado, Lightning, Fury, and Comet.

24. The peculiarity of baby porcupines is that their peaks are all soft at birth.

25. The louse eats about three 30-minute meals a day and feeds exclusively on human blood.

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