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Having a pet in the house is not always easy. It’s a bit like a baby, you have to take care of it regularly and it quickly becomes a full member of the family.

Deciding to adopt a dog also means taking responsibilities and knowing your commitments. Besides providing him with good nutrition , a dog needs attention and love.

The dog has become man’s best friend, but not by accident. By his loyalty and his dedication a dog proves to you how much he cares for you. In return, this one only asks for a little love, hugs and a few play sessions.

Playing with your dog is very important for his well-being and it can offer you real moments of complicity. But sometimes, playing with your dog involves risks for you but also for him.

In order to maximize your enjoyment and hers, here is a list of 10 mistakes to avoid when playing with your dog  :

1- Avoid small balls

dog ball

Just like a child, a dog can easily choke on small items. Find bite toys that are big enough that they cannot swallow them. When the toy is broken, pick up the pieces and throw them in the trash so that it cannot swallow them. Plastic or rubber can be dangerous for your pet.

2- Avoid playing with him after the meal 

In times of digestion, play through excitement and some effort can easily turn his stomach upside down and make him vomit. It is not dangerous in itself but it is always best to avoid this kind of reaction.

3- Avoid using non-specialized toys not designed for him

dog toy

It is always preferable to use toys suitable for dogs, their age and their morphology. Be careful with objects that are too hard, too big or too small. You will find many suitable toys in pet stores or supermarkets.

4- Avoid playing it for too long

Even if your dog wanting more is always better not to last too long the game parts . You need to take into account its age, size, and stamina. A small or older dog will have greater difficulty playing for a long time. He will quickly be out of breath and this can become dangerous for his heart.

5- Avoid playing with sticks or stones 

dog with stick

Stick throwing is a game that you play regularly with your dog in your garden or during a walk. We do not always have a suitable toy with us so we take what comes to hand to please and play with our doggie. In this case, you have to be very careful with the stick you choose. Indeed, a stick that is too sharp could pierce his mouth, open his lip , gum or cut his tongue. The stones are in turn very discouraged . Often too hard and not cut to your liking, these could seriously damage your companion’s teeth or even break them.

 6- Avoid competitive games or games that are too aggressive

We must not forget that a dog is like a child and very quickly retains what we teach him. Pulling a stick or fighting could teach him to be aggressive . He will forget that you are the master and it could become dangerous for you and those around you. The dog will indeed not differentiate between you and a child or another animal.

7- Avoid personal or household items

Dog eating slippers

Using your personal items to play with your dog would be a big mistake. You have to teach him from an early age to tell the difference between these toys and your belongings otherwise your new pairs of shoes, your sofa or your furniture can quickly become the potential target of your fanged companion.

8- At the beach, don’t let your dog play with jellyfish

In this hot and summer period, it is worth remembering that the beach can be a dangerous place for your animal. Although its coat may provide some protection, not all dogs are sufficiently protected from jellyfish or snapper bites.

9-Avoid continuing the game session when he gets angry, agitates, barks or growls.

Barking dog

 A play session should be fun for you and the animal. If your dog is starting to get a little too excited and baring his teeth , then it will be time to end the game. Playing with your dog shouldn’t become synonymous with excessive agitation and barking.

10 – avoid losing control of the session

Playing with your dog also means staying in control . You need to be able to stop playing at any time and that your four-legged friend can understand.

Remember, your dog needs to let off steam while being under your control. The play sessions are as important for the dog as they are for you and will bring you real moments of complicity. If these few tips are followed then your games will be even better

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